Slides from My 2012 CSTD Conference Presentation: “Performance and Perceptions: Research on Our Evolving Roles”

The session:

“paints a picture of the evolving profession of training and development through reports of three areas of research. The first report summarizes the research on one of the hottest areas of learning today—informal learning. What roles do trainers play? The second report presents results of a CSTD-sponsored study on the role of the performance consultant— the person who serves as the link between training groups and the groups they support. The third report presents results on how customers view training.”

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Slides from My 2012 TCANZ Keynote: “The Future of the Technical Communication Brand”

This session explored the following:

“On the one hand, the field of technical communication existed long before the dot com bubble and the recent economic crisis. On the other hand, both have had a profound effect on the communication industry in general, and technical and professional communication in particular. This presentation explains how-and what it means moving forward.

Specifically, this presentation places the current situation of the field into a broader perspective of our history, describes the opportunity presented to technical communicators by the economic downturn and the return (we hope) to worldwide economic prosperity, identifies specific projects occurring around the globe that could reshape and strengthen the technical communication brand, and explains how unity of vision about technical communication is central to all of these efforts.”

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