Suggested Textbooks for Instructional Design and Technical Communication Courses

(In case you missed the suggestions offered earlier in the summer.)

Are you teaching one of the following courses in the coming academic year:

  • Instructional design?
  • Advanced instructional design?
  • e-learning?
  • Informal learning and noninstructional interventions?
  • Management of instructional design or technical communication groups?

Then consider using one of the following texts for your course:

Course Suggested Text
Instructional design? Training Design Basics (2nd edition). Alexandria, VA: ATD Press.

The book will be hot-off-the-presses (August publication) and offers a number of related instructional resources online.

Advanced instructional design? Advanced Web-Based Training. San Francisco, CA: Pfeiffer.

This book explores a variety of advanced topics and tactics that help budding instructional designers prepare effective programs, including instructional philosophies, blended learning, online mentoring, the live virtual classroom, and communicating visually.

e-learning? The e-Learning Handbook. San Francisco, CA: Pfeiffer.

This award-winning book provides a number of readings intended to spark critical thinking about e-learning, covering everything from social learning and learning strategies, to the chasm between the promises and realities of e-learning in the academy and industry.

Informal learning and noninstructional interventions? Informal Learning Basics. Alexandria, VA: ATD Press.

This award-winning book introduces informal learning within the context of the workplace, proposes a viable model of its application for both the transfer of formal training and self-directed professional development, and explores a variety of ways to create and evaluate informal learning experiences.

Management of instructional design or technical communication groups The Commerce of Content website (, which provides a primer on basic project management, basic people management, and basic business management issues, as well as related worksheets and forms, and readings to help students deepen their knowledge of these issues.

For more information, please contact me.


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