Visuals from My e.Scape Presentation: Did They Get It? A Dozen Tips for Preparing Effective Online Assessments and Exercises

At the e.Scape conference on technology and teaching at Concordia University, I presented Did They Get It? A Dozen Tips for Preparing Effective Online Assessments and Exercises:

One of the most challenging parts of teaching online is assessing whether students learned anything. Part of the problem results from the affordances of computers in processing responses to questions so many instructors limit themselves to questions that computers can easily process: multiple choice, true/false, and fill-in-the blank. But perhaps part of the problem is that we e-learning instructors let these mechanics of questioning interfere with our conceptualization of the questions. This session explains how to write meaningful assessment questions and use them in online programs.

Follow this link for a copy of the visuals:–e-scape–prn.pdf

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