Research to Practice

Because research into learning and organizational processes can inform design of learning materials–and a many other aspects of work life, I have conducted research activities regarding the transfer of research into practice.  Some involve study of the use of research by practicing professionals; others are pilot projects for novel ways of transferring research to practice.

Current Projects

Host, Research-to-Practice Day at the CSTD Conference and Trade Show.

Advise on program selection and serve as host of the annual Research-to-Practice event at the annual conference of the Canadian Society for Training and Development. 2012, 2010, 2009. This is one of the pilot projects mentioned earlier. It has also resulted in a series of articles that provide practicing professionals with guidelines for practice, summarized from the research presented at this event.

Hebblewaite, S., Reilly, R., Yuen, F., Sawchuk, K., Dyer, L., Timm-Botos, J., Carliner, S., Paterson, S., & Poteete, A. Qualitative Research Working Group. CISSC Interdisciplinary Working Group.

Member of a study group exploring qualitative research methods.

Scholar Member.  International Institute for Qualitative Research.

Serve as a member of an Alberta-based institute focused on qualitative research.

Past Projects

Carliner, S. (2008.) ETEC@40: The Impact of Educational Technology Research and Theory in Practice. Concordia University Faculty of Arts and Science Aid to Research Related Events, Publication, Exhibition and Dissemination Activities. $1,000. Completion: August 31, 2009.

Carliner, S. (technical primary investigator) and Johnston, L. (administrative lead primary investigator). (2008). Small knowledge exchange Work and Learning Knowledge Centre of the Canadian Council on Learning. Completion: May 2008.

Carliner, S. (2006). Research Fellow. Responsibilities: coordinating the second ASTD Research-to-Practice Conference-within-a-Conference and a series of webcasts aimed at higher education. American Society for Training and Development. Completion: June 2006.

Johnston, L., Ally, M, and Carliner, S. (2005). Field review of the literature in workplace learning and performance. Canadian Centre for Learning. Completed: December 2005.

Carliner, S. (2005). Research Fellow. Responsibilities: coordinating a higher education program for ASTD. American Society for Training and Development Completion: June 2005.


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