Management of Workplace Learning and Communication Groups

Because the availability of human, financial, technical, and cultural (especially organizational and occupational) resources ultimately affects the design and development of these materials, I have conducted studies on issues pertaining to the management of groups that produce learning and communication materials. I have explored the portfolios of work in training and communication groups, the means they use to track and report the productivity and effectiveness of their staffs, the perceptions that client groups hold of the Training function, and the descriptions of particular jobs.

Current Projects

Carliner, S. (2012.) Identifying the Competencies of Performance Consultants. Supported by the Canadian Society for Training and Development.

This three-part study explores the competencies of performance consultants, which the training literature identifies as a pivotal role in the field.  But how does it contrast with the basic job of a training and development professional? This three-part study–an analysis of job descriptions, followed by interviews with people who hold the position and people who manage performance consultants–explores the issue.

Carliner, S. (2009.) What Are Customers’ Perceptions of Training and What Drives Those Perceptions. Concordia University Seed Funding Program (Individual Stream.) 

Explores the feelings, beliefs, and expectations of training that Information Technology (IT) professionals–a group of heavy users of Training and their managers hold of the function.

Past Projects

Carliner, S. (2005). Revising the Strategic Plan for e-Learning for a Canadian government agency. Completion: March 2006.

Carliner, S. (2004.) We Are What We Measure: Towards Quality Metrics for Learning and Communication Products Used in the Workplace. Concordia University Faculty of Arts and Science General Research Fund. Completion: December 31, 2004.

Carliner, S. (2004). Developing a staffing plan for the proposed scientific Learning and Knowledge Group at a [name withheld] pharmaceuitical company. Completed: December 2004.

Carliner, S. (2001.) What do we manage: a survey of the management portfolios of larger technical communication departments. Society for Technical Communication Research Grant.  Completion: April 2003.


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