Design of Materials for Workplace Learning and Communication

Because my education, training, and industry experience are in information and instructional design, my initial research interests lie in the design and evaluation of learning and communication materials for the workplace.  My specific interests focus on emerging forms of learning and communication, including new genres created by online and mobile communication, designs for technology-based learning that professionals with real-world budgets and schedules can produce, and electronic books.

Current Projects

Carliner, S., Davidson, A. L. & Devey, P. (2010.) Survey of perceptions of e-books in higher education. KnowledgeOne.

Although futurists predict that e-books will overtake printed ones, adoption in higher education is slower than in some other segments of the publishing industry.  This study explores why.  It specifically explores the beliefs and attitudes towards printed and e-books among students and faculty at community colleges and universities.

Carliner, S. (2011.) Case Studies of Training and Development Projects. Supported by the Training Conference.

Many studies show that practicing professionals prefer to read case studies of actual research projects.  But most editors and event planners admit that they have difficulty getting high-quality cases.  This project, in which students prepared case studies of actual training project, represents one effort to fill that gap.

Past Projects

Carliner, S. (2009). Clear Billing Statements and Confirmations. Name of corporation withheld at its request. Completion: First quarter 2010.

Carliner, S. (2009). Producing the Materials for the Online Course, Voyage to the Sun. Wildlife Conservation Society, Bronx Zoo. Completion: November 2009.

Carliner, S. (2005.) A genre-based approach to best practices in online communication for the workplace. Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. Completion: April 2009.

Carliner, S. (2004). Ten lessons in support of Canada’s participation in EXPO 2005. Optimum Communications (on contract to Heritage Canada.). Completed: January 2005.

Boswood, T., Carliner, S. and Davison, R. (2003.) Brochureware: Design, copywriting and usability issues in an emerging genre of online communication. Hong Kong University Grants Council. Completion: August 2004.

Carliner, S. (2001.) Bentley College. Case Study of an Information Design and Development Project. Summer Research Grant. Completion: September 15,2001.



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