Ten Tips for Preparing a Business Case to Successfully “Sell” Major Technical Communication Initiatives

Are you trying to receive funding for a new content management system (CMS)? Do you need to convince your organization to invest in presenting content as a mobile application? Are your requests for funding regularly refused?

In any of these situations, perhaps you have not persuaded the decision makers and the people who advise them—decision influencers—that your proposed course of action can benefit the organization. Often, that’s because the decision makers and influencers feel that the proposal is either incomplete, that other options exist but have not been considered, or that the proposal is overly optimistic.

To avoid such problems, prepare a business case before requesting the support for a proposed course of action. My article Ten Tips for Preparing a Business Case to Successfully “Sell” Major Technical Communication Initiatives  in the June 2012 issue of Intercom provides 10 tips for preparing a business case.

To see all of the tips, visit the article at  http://intercom.stc.org/2012/07/eleven-tips-for-preparing-a-business-case-to-successfully-“sell”-major-technical-communication-initiatives/ (Note that an STC membership is required to view the entire article.)


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